Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How To Save Money on Gas Using Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Adding a fuel additive or fuel treatment in your fuel is one way that will help you save money on gas. Xtreme Fuel Treatment, for example, will help lower the burn rate of your fuel creating improved gas mileage, less carbon buildup, lower emissions, and more horsepower. Listed below are the steps on how you can use this fuel treatment effectively and save money on gas.

1. Determine the size of your fuel tank. The regular dosage of Xtreme Fuel Treatment is 1/4 oz per 20 gallon tank. To view the dosage chart, click on this link.
2. Know the recommended first dosage. It is recommended that you use 1/2 oz (or 2 foil packets) of XFT for every 20 gallons fill up, in your first three treatments or fill ups. Then after that, you can just use 1/4 oz (or 1 foil packet) for every time you fill up 20 gallons in your tank.
3. Record the usual MPG. Before you use the Xtreme Fuel Treatment it is best to record first the MPG (miles per gallon) that you get without the fuel treatment. For more accurate MPG, calculate it manually. It is also recommended to fill your tank full and empty it before the next fill up.
4. Calculate the MPG manually. Record the odometer reading at the time you will fill up the fuel tank and also at the time you will have the next fill up. Get the difference of the two odometer reading and that will give you the total miles you traveled. Make sure that you know also the amount of fuel you put in your tank. To get the MPG, divide the total miles you traveled by the total amount of fuel you put in your tank. You may do this test two or three times if you like so you have different records of MPG that resulted from not using a fuel treatment and see if they varies.
5. Do the first treatment. Before you fill your tank with fuel, put first the Xtreme Fuel Treatment in the fuel tank. Remember, 1/2 oz of fuel treatment must be added in the first three treatments. Then start the test. Calculate the MPG manually as stated at step #4. Do again this step in your second and third treatment. 6. Compare the results. If you get more MPG by using Xtreme Fuel Treatment than by not using it, then you definitely save money on gas. Xtreme Fuel Treatment should save you $10 to $20 every fill up. To learn more about this product, click this link.

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  • Xtreme Fuel Treatment in bottles is easier and not messy to use, unlike those in foil packets.
  • It is also best if you buy the fuel treatment in bulk because it's cheaper in the long run. One foil packet which is 1/4 oz will cost $5 in retail. If you buy 4 oz bottle, it will only cost $55, which means every 1/4 oz of it will only cost $3.44, cheaper than the regular foil packet price.
  • If you also order by auto ship, you will get a lot cheaper price on the products. Additional savings. To check the complete price list, click here.
Items to be aware of when comparing fuel economy:
  • Different drivers usually obtain different results
  • MPG may vary due to terrain, loads and weather conditions
  • MPG may vary between fuel brands
  • MPG may vary when using winter blend vs. summer blend fuels
  • City mileage and highway mileage will differ - compare similar trips
  • For the most accurate results, calculate MPG manually
Remember, the above only discusses savings because of fuel mileage increase. There is another way that you save money on fuel by using Xtreme Fuel Treatment. If you buy premium grade fuel for your vehicle, then you won't need to if you will use XFT in your vehicle. With XFT, you can just buy lower grade fuel and still get the same performance and fuel quality that you get from premium grade fuel. Plus your engine will be kept clean, won't get rust and corrosion, lubricated, even if you use lower grade fuel. It even fights against bad effects of ethanol! You will also save in repairs and maintenance in the long run. Lots of savings! So get yours NOW!

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