Tuesday, December 11, 2012

FreezPoint Anti Gel or Winterizing Agent For Diesel Engines

Don't get stuck in the cold! FreezPoint is a state-of-the- art winterizing agent for diesel engines. Help your fuel flow better by lowering the freeze point of your diesel fuel.


IF YOU OWN A DIESEL TRUCK, THEN YOU KNOW HOW POTENTIALLY DEBILITATING COLD WEATHER can be for you. Diesel fuel tends to turn into a gel when the temperature drops. This can make it almost impossible to start your engine and can make it run sluggishly. FreezPoint is a state-of-the-art cold flow improver, that when added to your fuel, allows it to flow more freely at those low winter temperatures. 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 ounces is all you need to treat up to 20 gallons of diesel fuel. That means you can treat over 125 gallons of fuel from one 16 ounce bottle, for much cheaper than many other, less effective brands. It dissolves easily in your fuel even when its already cold. It’s proven effective in petroleum diesel as well as biodiesel. It’s ultra low sulfur compliant and it works great in conjunction with Xtreme Fuel Treatment. Don’t ever get stuck in the cold. Let FreezPoint get you started.

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Price: FreezPoint (1) 16 oz (473 mL) Bottle = $9.75 Freeze Point - 1 Gallon (3800 mL) = $75.00


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