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How To Save Money on Gas Using Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Adding a fuel additive or fuel treatment in your fuel is one way that will help you save money on gas. Xtreme Fuel Treatment, for example, will help lower the burn rate of your fuel creating improved gas mileage, less carbon buildup, lower emissions, and more horsepower. Listed below are the steps on how you can use this fuel treatment effectively and save money on gas.

1. Determine the size of your fuel tank. The regular dosage of Xtreme Fuel Treatment is 1/4 oz per 20 gallon tank. To view the dosage chart, click on this link.
2. Know the recommended first dosage. It is recommended that you use 1/2 oz (or 2 foil packets) of XFT for every 20 gallons fill up, in your first three treatments or fill ups. Then after that, you can just use 1/4 oz (or 1 foil packet) for every time you fill up 20 gallons in your tank.
3. Record the usual MPG. Before you use the Xtreme Fuel Treatment it is best to record first the MPG (miles per gallon) that you get without the fuel treatment. For more accurate MPG, calculate it manually. It is also recommended to fill your tank full and empty it before the next fill up.
4. Calculate the MPG manually. Record the odometer reading at the time you will fill up the fuel tank and also at the time you will have the next fill up. Get the difference of the two odometer reading and that will give you the total miles you traveled. Make sure that you know also the amount of fuel you put in your tank. To get the MPG, divide the total miles you traveled by the total amount of fuel you put in your tank. You may do this test two or three times if you like so you have different records of MPG that resulted from not using a fuel treatment and see if they varies.
5. Do the first treatment. Before you fill your tank with fuel, put first the Xtreme Fuel Treatment in the fuel tank. Remember, 1/2 oz of fuel treatment must be added in the first three treatments. Then start the test. Calculate the MPG manually as stated at step #4. Do again this step in your second and third treatment. 6. Compare the results. If you get more MPG by using Xtreme Fuel Treatment than by not using it, then you definitely save money on gas. Xtreme Fuel Treatment should save you $10 to $20 every fill up. To learn more about this product, click this link.

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  • Xtreme Fuel Treatment in bottles is easier and not messy to use, unlike those in foil packets.
  • It is also best if you buy the fuel treatment in bulk because it's cheaper in the long run. One foil packet which is 1/4 oz will cost $5 in retail. If you buy 4 oz bottle, it will only cost $55, which means every 1/4 oz of it will only cost $3.44, cheaper than the regular foil packet price.
  • If you also order by auto ship, you will get a lot cheaper price on the products. Additional savings. To check the complete price list, click here.
Items to be aware of when comparing fuel economy:
  • Different drivers usually obtain different results
  • MPG may vary due to terrain, loads and weather conditions
  • MPG may vary between fuel brands
  • MPG may vary when using winter blend vs. summer blend fuels
  • City mileage and highway mileage will differ - compare similar trips
  • For the most accurate results, calculate MPG manually
Remember, the above only discusses savings because of fuel mileage increase. There is another way that you save money on fuel by using Xtreme Fuel Treatment. If you buy premium grade fuel for your vehicle, then you won't need to if you will use XFT in your vehicle. With XFT, you can just buy lower grade fuel and still get the same performance and fuel quality that you get from premium grade fuel. Plus your engine will be kept clean, won't get rust and corrosion, lubricated, even if you use lower grade fuel. It even fights against bad effects of ethanol! You will also save in repairs and maintenance in the long run. Lots of savings! So get yours NOW!

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Xtreme Fuel Treatment Business, Why Is It a Great Opportunity


VEHICLES. FUEL. No matter how you slice it, people have to have them. They are needs, not wants. But how will you keep your vehicle running longer without spending a ton of money on repairs? How will you fight these rising fuel costs?

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The answer is Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT) and by partnering with Syntek Global, you can personally provide a solution to these problems for yourself and everyone else around you. You can save people a good amount of money on repairs and fuel costs. In fact, you and others actually make money just by using XFT. If you’ve seen what XFT can do, then you know what we are talking about. If you haven’t heard what an amazing thing XFT is, you are about to! Click below to watch a quick video that explains all about it.

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In global councils, countries and governments from all parts of the globe have given their commitment to reduce emissions by upwards of 15% to even 70% by the year 2020. The trick here is that most of them have no idea how they will accomplish it.

Talk about a great opportunity! With these commitments on the line, governments are offering tax advantages and person benefits to companies and individuals who find ways to reduce harmful emissions. XFT reduces emissions by up to 33% with some tests showing even better results. XFT is a simple, effective, immediate answer to this problem. And it actually costs you less to use it, than not to.

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Customers Getting Desperate From Rising Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are on the rise, and they aren't going down. Customers are getting desperate for answers to the point where they are now trying to sue fuel stations to adjust for outside temperatures.....all of this to save roughly 2% on fuel economy. NOW is the time for XFT. Xtreme Fuel Treatment can save people up to 15% on their fuel economy without trying to fight large public battles, but simply pouring 1 dose of XFT into the tank each fill up! It takes less than 15 seconds to save up to 15%! The opportunity is NOW. Take a look at what is going on!

Customers Getting Desperate From Rising Fuel Prices

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Xtreme Fuel Treatment Reviews and Testimonials by Individual Users

The following are reviews and testimonials by individual Xtreme Fuel Treatment users.

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"We’ve tried it in our Mercedes Benz with V8 engine. It only gets 13.1 miles per gallon without the fuel treatment. But after the first treatment with XFT, the miles per gallon increased to 15.95 MPG (miles per gallon). It even got better after the second treatment with 17.75 miles per gallon. And it keeps increasing the more you use the product, because after the third treatment it goes high to 18 MPG. The product really works!" - Phil R., Vermont USA

“I have been so blessed at this time in my life to find a great product, the best timing, and a great team to support me in building my business with Syntek. I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to, and this opportunity only comes along once in a lifetime. So I’m grabbing on for dear life!!!!” - Toni Stevens

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“I have owned a 1998 Expedition since new and know every shake, rattle, and roll. I also know that I get anywhere from 10 to 12 miles per gallon depending on what I am hauling. After being able to drop octane from 89 to 85 and filling up my tank with 28 gallons I was astonished to realize that had I got 14.4 miles per gallon. WOW!! I can hardly wait for the next application.” - Al Barker

“Since using Xtreme Fuel Treatment we have not had any failures in injector pumps or injectors. We use generators in pre-Olympic events and TV sporting events. In the 2002 Winter Olympics we were using 875 gallons of diesel fuel per day and after using XFT our fuel consumption dropped to 675 gallons of fuel per day. We have had generators come to us form other parts of the country that were not running real well. We added a double dose of Xtreme Fuel Treatment and within several hours the generators began running smoother. This is a great product that I recommend to everyone.” - Dave P. GE Rentals – Salt Lake City, UT

“I started using Syntek’s Xtreme Fuel Treatment when I left Yuma Arizona in April 2008. I have a 2002 Chevy Tahoe and have traveled 2,089 miles in two months and have increased my MPG from 16 to 21. That’s over 100 extra miles per tank. When I fill up it costs me just $2.80 to use Xtreme Fuel Treatment every time I add 1/4 oz. to 20 gallons of gas. That means I save over $24.00 with each fill-up. What a savings, since gas in Oregon is $4.19 to $4.39 a gallon. I have also seen that the car is running better and has more power on hills.” - Delores R. Christmas Valley, Oregon

“On December 1, 2008 I went to get my emissions test done for my 1997 Acura Integra and I failed the smog. The emissions technician as well as my mechanic told me that I needed to replace the catalytic converter, which would cost me $1,400 dollars. I was in a bad financial position at that time and could not afford to replace the part. Four months later, a good friend introduced me to Xtreme Fuel Treatment. On my very first tank I felt that there was more power and I saw an improvement of 70 miles on that tank of gas as well. I was hoping that my emissions had improved also, so I went back to test my emissions again after ONLY using the product. Not taking the advice of my smog guy and my mechanic and replacing my catalytic converter. The emissions tester asked if I replaced the catalytic converter and I told him I had not, but used Xtreme Fuel Treatment. He rolled his eyes and suggested that I shouldn’t waste my money doing the test until I had replaced the part but I was so confidant that my car would pass I went ahead with the test. It passed the smog and the technician could not believe that all I used was the additive. Not only did I pass with flying colors but I also saved myself $1,400 dollars.” - Justin Murphy

“Since my first use of Xtreme Fuel Treatment I have been getting an extra 60 miles per tank! XFT is saving my wife and I over $10.00 with every fill up. I would recommend using Xtreme Fuel Treatment to anyone.” - James M. Salt Lake City, UT

“I have been using the Syntek fuel additive Xtreme Fuel Treatment in my 1999 Dodge D350 truck in the last three tanks of fuel. The fuel mileage has increased by 2 mpg and the performance has also improved. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is fuel conscious and wants to increase performance of the vehicle.” - Tony G. Idaho Falls, ID

“I have a 1991 Honda Accord sedan with 300,000 miles on the odometer. I am a traveling sales guy living in Los Angeles. I think this car has one of world’s most efficient engines. I take very good of the car; using only 89 Octane gasoline and maintain the engine religiously. Over the past 100K miles, I began to notice a dropping in MPG from 28-32 MPG down to 22-24 MPG. I have since used three half oz. treatments of Xtreme Fuel Treatment. I am amazed to report that I am back at 26-28 MPG. Again, I have not altered any driving pattern. Like everyone in LA, I am stuck in traffic half of the time while I am in the car. I am not a scientist, but I do keep a detailed record on all of the gasoline purchased and the mileage. I am saving over 12% on my MPG and another .10 cents per gallon at the pump because I now can use 87 Octane with the same results as 89. This is an amazing product!” - Alex L. Los Angeles, CA

“I have been driving a Trailblazer for over 4 years and never once has my mileage gone over 300 miles per tank. After using Xtreme Fuel Treatment my mileage jumped up to 365 per tank. I have even gotten up to as high as 445 mpg on highway driving. This increase in mileage and the ability to use the lower cost octane saves me an average of $13.00 per fill up. I got my family and friends to also use XFT and they are experiencing similar results.” - Mary N. Sandy, UT

“I believe!!! I heard about Xtreme Fuel Treatment from several friends and how they witnessed increased gas mileage in their vehicles. They also claimed that they could use lower octane. I decided to dump some in my 1998 Expedition. I have owned this vehicle since new and know every shake, rattle, and roll. I also know that I get anywhere from 10 to 12 miles per gallon depending on what I am hauling. After dropping octane from 89 to 85 and filling up my tank with 28 gallons I was astonished to realize that I had got 14.4 miles per gallon. WOW!! I can hardly wait for the next application." - Al B. Sandy, UT

“We decided to do a test on the fuel consumption between the trucking side and construction side of our company. The test result using Xtreme Fuel Treatment were shocking, doing the same amount of work load if not more, we purchased 15% less fuel than the previous months. Our trucks were topping the “Three Sisters” hills on I-80 with 2 more gears than ever before and the trucks went from 5.6 miles per gallon to 7.2 miles per gallon after just one month.” - Bill Oilfield Service – Wyoming

“Piston No. 2 was overhauled by the crew during dry docking. The total running hours since last overhaul was 11,253. The total running hour on the piston was 17,318. The following was observed: All rings were moving freely and were in good condition. No carbon deposits below first ring. Combustion space was remarkably clean and tops of piston crown were dry. The service engineer stated that he had never seen a piston and rings in such a good condition after more the 11,000 hours and suggested that we should increase the maintenance interval by using the combustion catalyst, burn rate modifier and lubricant (Xtreme Fuel Treatment). We have observed 40-50% less soot and 30% less sludge. Another side effect is less emissions and hence a cleaner environment which is increasingly focused on today.” - RL Shipping Texas

“I own a 2000 PeterBilt 379 with a 550 hp Cat. I have been disappointed in the average fuel mileage of 4.7 mpg. Since using Xtreme Fuel Treatment my mileage has increased to between 5.7 and 6.2 mpg. Being an owner-operator, the rising cost of fuel reduces profits. This product is saving me $$ every day.” - Chuck Jacksonville, FL

“When using Xtreme Fuel Treatment in our large trucks we have experienced fuel mileage increases from .5 up to 1.5 mpg. At a time when fuel prices are going higher and higher, this is critical to the trucking industry. In addition, I used a sample of Xtreme Fuel Treatment in my leaf blower and the smoke cleared up and it starts better.” - Bill General Manager

Historical fuel data tests conducted at Sunshine: “First, a miles per gallon baseline was compiled, then the Xtreme Fuel Treatment product was introduced into the #2 diesel storage tanks. Both the miles per gallon and gallons per hour were recorded. An average overall increase in miles per gallon of 14.1% was obtained. The other major concern is regarding environmental issues. We are pleased to state that Xtreme Fuel Treatment provides the safest, most cost effective pollution control technology available.” - Sunshine

“Using Xtreme Fuel Treatment has lowered our fuel consumption greatly, in fact, by 15% per year – a significant savings. My biggest savings, that was unexpected, came in the form of labor costs. Buses get extremely black on the rear door from diesel residue. To remove the black, we were spending $14.50 per week per bus for cleaning ($7.25 per hour per driver times 2 washes per week) or approximately $106,000.00 per year. Since using Xtreme Fuel Treatment, we only need to wash the buses once every other month. This has created a saving in excess of $95,000.00 per year.” - Supervisor – Vehicle Maintenance School District of Florida

“I have been using Xtreme Fuel Treatment in my 2004 4-cylinder Honda Accord for about 9 months. On a recent 250 mile round trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, I got 36.7 MPG. The trip was primarily Interstate driving. The best mileage that I have ever got on that trip is about 31.5 MPG. The car also runs smoother and quieter. I have also noticed that the oil is not black at my 3,000 mile oil changes. It is still amber in color. This is a great product and does exactly was Syntek Global claims it will do.” - Marshall Lipscomb

“I have been using Xtreme Fuel Treatment for my last four fill ups. I have upgraded my mpg from 20.2 to 26.3. What’s even better, my car is running with the power it use to have when I purchased it 5 years ago. I would definitely recommend Xtreme Fuel Treatment to all my friends.” - Marissa S. Glendale, AZ

“I ran across Syntek’s Xtreme Fuel Treatment from a 10-15 year acquaintance Richard "DICK" King of Larned, Kansas and a mechanic Gary Carlson, of Carlson Motors. Dick has a Mercury Montego car (smaller then our Mercury Grand Marquis), and he used to get 400 miles per tank full, and after using XFT for a month or so, he got up to over 500 miles per tank full, and when he told me that over the phone, I accused him of pouring alcohol in the tank....and he was driving his way to Hays when he made the comment. When he arrived here at my home and I got to see and read a GE testimonial letter dealing with 2002 USA Winter Olympics out near Salt Lake City (or Park City, Utah) and the TWO GE generators were used to using some 875 gallons of DIESEL per day to keep the power on for US Olympics 24/7, and then just one week after using Xtreme Fuel Treatment, the per day usuage went down to 650 gallons. GULP...Zing, Zang, Bingo, Bongo with elation, and that got my sincere attention, as I could car less how much the PRICE was per gallon on Diesel, saving some 225 gallons of fuel per day would be at least $450 dollars per day if it was only $2.00/gallon back then. Today, here in Hays, Diesel is some $2.70 per gallon currently, and regular unleaded is $2.47-$2.49 per gallon.

My Xtreme Fuel Treatment usage started in February of 2009 and one of the first things I noticed was the engine in the car performed much problems before, but I noticed a quicker picker upper...more bounce in the step.... acceleration from 40...quicker, faster, smoother...and I was enjoying that experience. Now, I only put 1/4 oz. in the 18 gallon tank to begin with, and my wife took it on a week long trip that was only 125 miles from Hays. When she called me prior to return trip, she said over the phone that the computer read out on the dash said she could drive 160 miles before empty and she wondered if she needed to fill up with fuel in Cimarron, Kansas prior to driving back to Hays. I said only have to drive some 125 miles and if you feel uncomfortable, fill up with fuel at LaCrosse (30 miles away from Hays), but she drove all the way and put it in the garage for the night. Early the next AM, I got into car, started it, and the Dash Computer said we could drive some 89 miles before empty. My wife said the car could go 160 miles, and she actually drove 125, and it said the next AM that we could still drive some 89 miles....and that messed with my MATH skills.... when I filled up, added the proper amount of XFT, we had increased our MPG by 5 miles per gallon, and that was right at 30% improvement. It's kept getting better ever since as end of May on family wedding trip to Lincoln, Nebraska from Hays and back, the fill up then said we could drive some 413 miles before empty and that was the first time EVER that our car said any figure over 300 miles to empty. Since then, it's registered 426, and the latest miles to empty indicated 433 miles...and that was at the end of July, 2009 . When we only have exclusive intown driving, it dipped once to 386 in between those two great numbers mentioned, but that is our story over a 4-5 months of religious habit of using Xtreme Fuel Treatment, and we are sold on the benefits when it comes to more miles per gallon....and we absolutely know it's helping the life and performance of the engine as well. That's our story, and we are sticking to it.” - Larry D. Jantz

“My name is Rob (RJ) Hunt and I would like to share a life changing company called Syntek with you. Everyone talks “product, product, product”…… Well anyone can test Syntek’s Xtreme Fuel Treatment or read the data. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find “this stuff really works”! I am here to talk about what Syntek (the business) has done for me. With that said, here is a little of my background. I have been in networking for years and have had my share of struggles. I have struggled in both good and bad economies. Unfortunately we are in not just a down economy but a full blown recession. Families are losing their homes, jobs and sleep. Creditors are circling like sharks and have less patience than ever. I have been there myself! In late October of 2008 I had a call from a good friend…… he wanted to show me something he felt was exciting and wanted my opinion. I soon caught the vision! Within three months I no longer have the huge burden of worrying about my house payment looming over me. TALK ABOUT SLEEP BETTER!!! Nothing has ever helped me sleep with the peace of mind I have now! The best part about it all is…. I have seen many families associated with Syntek experiencing the same results. Even more families are making enough to cover car and insurance payments. I went to Syntek headquarters to meet the Corp. team and found what I would call “Shock and Awe” (a Corp. team that gets it)! Were they puffed up and flashy? No. Were they full of themselves and their accomplishments? No. Were they there to show me smoke and mirrors? No. What I found was a Corp. team that understands “Servant Leadership”, the needs of their business partners and…. they’re willing to do what it takes to help me succeed. Building my Syntek business has been as easy as this: “ Hey Bob when you fill up for the first three tanks use ½ ounce of Xtreme Fuel Treatment for every 20 gallons of fuel put in your tank, then use ¼ ounce per 20 gallons after. You will make $$$ by using it (just by using it! Not to mention selling it!). If the product doesn’t work for you Syntek will give you your money back. (What on earth do you have to lose?)” I truly believe as a Syntek Distributor I am in real recession proof business! Thank you for your time!” - Rob (RJ) Hunt

If you have your own testimonial about the product, please let us know so we can add yours here.

Will this product work for you?
See for yourself what kind of results you can get with XFT by using our Savings Calculator that is located on this webpage link >> Click here <<

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Is Xtreme Fuel Treatment a Scam or is its Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Xtreme Fuel Treatment a Scam?
Who says Xtreme Fuel Treatment is a scam? They are those who didn’t even use it, or those who have used other fuel additives before but the products didn’t work for them, or those who just think there’s no single fuel additive that will ever work in their vehicle.

Don’t you know that EPA requires the use of additives to control the formation of engine and fuel supply system deposits in all U.S. gasoline.”? Here’s the link:

You may have heard that fuel additives don’t work or that they will void an engine’s warranty, but for your information, an act of congress says it won’t affect your warranty. See below

Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act
The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (P.L. 93-637) is a United States Federal Law (15 U.S.C. 2301 et seq.) enacted in 1975.

It is the federal statute that governs warranties on consumer products. The legislative history indicates that the purpose of the Act is to make warranties on consumer products more readily understood and enforceable and to provide the Federal Trade Commission with means to better protect consumers.

Vehicle manufacturers are not allowed to void the vehicle warranty just because aftermarket parts or additives are used on or in the vehicle. The only time a new vehicle warranty can be voided is if an aftermarket part has been installed or used and it can be proven that its use is responsible for the warranty claim. In this circumstance the aftermarket parts liability insurance would provide coverage. If a dealer denies a warranty claim involving an implied or expressed new warranty and you require assistance, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

It is common that some engine manufacturers will assert that the use of certain additives that are designed to do such things as act as a pour point depressant, a cetane enhancer, a combustion improver, a biocide, or a lubricity agent, etc. may prove useful to the overall performance of the engine.

It’s true, many products don’t do what they claim and many are ineffective. But let me set your mind at ease about Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT). Years of research, data, and practical use has proven XFT to be highly effective. After all, there is a reason that these large companies won’t go without it. Why would they continue using it year after year if it didn’t work! The benefits are unmistakable and quantifiable, and we have example after example of its effectiveness.

We are believers of Xtreme Fuel Treatment because the product does what it says. It worked in all our vehicles, Mercedes Benz with V8 engine, Hummer, and Suburban with 24 in. wheels. It’s saving us $12 to $18 on fuel every fill up. There are thousands of testimonials from people that tested and used the product. Click here to read more testimonials.

XFT is a time-tested and patented fuel treatment. The following statements from the patent show the reason why this product is invented:
“In the past, fuel has been treated to improve combustion efficiency and to protect fireside surfaces from high temperature corrosion and carbon-containing scale build up. Typical additive packages have been used based on oil soluble organometallic compounds of manganese in fuel. Unfortunately, the compounds used previously were extremely toxic and consequently difficult to store and handle.”

“In the past, a wide variety of chemical compositions have been provided as fuel additives. Unfortunately, many of these compositions when used as recommended by their manufacturers did not provide all of the properties which overall were required for an effective inhibitor, or reinhibitor and depolymerizer for the long term storage of kerosene and diesel fuel, as well as providing combustion efficiency improvement.”

Xtreme Fuel Treatment is registered under the EPA to increase fuel efficiency, prolong engine life, enhance horsepower & performance, and reduce emissions. XFT was mainly distributed in the industrial markets as a solution to extend the operating hours between service repairs and to help treat rocket fuels. In 2008, Syntek Global released XFT to the public making it a viable solution for any size operation. Multiple mass-carbon balance tests, independent lab tests, fuel consumption tests, and case studies on various engines have been performed to prove the effectiveness of XFT.

Here is the link to the EPA registration:
Here is the link to one test result from LubeTrak. They did a Stationary Fuel Consumption Test:

So why not try the product for you to see if it’s a scam or not?

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Is Xtreme Fuel Treatment’s Business Opportunity or Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?
First, let’s give you an example of what a real Pyramid Scheme is.

As you can see on the picture, the person on top of the pyramid will always earn more than the people below him. Even if the people below work so hard, they will never out-earn the people above them. This is the real Pyramid Scheme and this is how every corporate business works. And you might be employed to one of them. So you might be involved in a Pyramid Scheme....

What about the Xtreme Fuel Treatment’s Network Marketing?
First, let’s differentiate Network Marketing from Multilevel Marketing (MLM).
Although multi-level marketing (MLM) is often used in network marketing, it is actually a completely different concept. When most people mention the term multi-level marketing, the company that immediately comes to mind is Amway.

Multi-level marketers make their money by introducing others into their programs as distributors. They are then paid a commission on the revenue that the person they introduced brings in. This continues as more and more people are added to the downline.

Successful multi-level marketers are making money off of other people's work. The idea is that as you continue to recruit new people into the organization, you move yourself up from a worker bee to management. Rather than actually selling any product, you're responsible for additional recruiting, training and motivation for your team as it grows.

In many multi-level marketing programs, commissions are paid way down the line so the more people you and your team bring on, the better. Network marketing on the other hand, actually has a much wider scope. As mentioned above, it can include multi-level marketing but also has many other facets. Network marketing is quite simply using your relationships to sell a product or service.

Now, Xtreme Fuel Treatment business is using the Network Marketing Strategy. The business includes both selling the product and building a team. Yes, Network Marketing is also shaped as a pyramid, but with Syntek Global it is called a Tree, not a pyramid. It doesn’t have the same scheme as what corporate businesses have. It doesn’t mean that if you are on top of the tree, you can always earn more than the people below you. Syntek Global designed its Network Marketing strategically so that whoever works hard will earn more, no matter where level they are. If you got more customers than the people above you, even you are below the tree; you can earn more than the people above you because you’re making greater percentage on the commission since you got more personal customers. I can personally testify for this. I was earning more than the person who enrolled me because I personally enrolled more people and I have more personal customers than the guy above me has.

So, Xtreme Fuel Treatment’s Network Marketing is NOT a Pyramid Scheme. It is a Tree. Why is it called a Tree? It’s because it has many branches. It’s not only the people on the top that will become successful or fruitful but also the people in all branches of the tree.

 “Why do they need to have Network Marketing attached to the product?”
Well, actually, the product has been used for over 2 decades without the Network Marketing attached to it. It was the large industrial companies that were using it, and the product proved to be effective for those huge companies. That time, the product was sold in huge drums. It was only in the past 3 years that Syntek Global made it available for individual consumer, and packed the product into single dose packets and bottles.

Network Marketing is the best way to sell the product. Word of mouth is always the best marketing strategy. Plus, a person will be able to show his testimonial about the product, and by sharing it to other people, he will earn money too. Network Marketing actually helps people earn money; especially in this economy that unemployment rate is high.

“Why not just put the product on the store shelves next to other fuel additives?”
If this product is placed on the store shelves, it will not sell against those cheap fuel additives that don’t work. People will always buy the cheaper product even if they don’t work. And people won’t be educated how to test the product if it is just sitting on the shelf and nobody explaining how to use it. People will not see its difference to other fuel additives too, if it is just sitting on the store shelves next to other fuel additives. The product needs to stand out; there should be people who will testify on its effectiveness, there should be people who will tell people on how to test the product the right way in order to get the right result.

Why not take a moment to watch this video and see why this is a great opportunity for you:
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Are you ready to make a life changing residual income? Click here to learn how you can start.

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Ethanol Is NOT Good For Your Engine - Use Xtreme Fuel Treatment

Vehicles are a part of our life, since ethanol affects engines it affects our life.

A broken down engine never feels good, to you or your wallet, but that scenario seems imminent due to the fact that gasoline may now contain up to 15% ethanol. Because ethanol is so corrosive and dries out certain engine parts, the EPA requires a label on the pumps to inform us what vehicles and equipment cannot use E15, so we don’t have engine fires. It also has less energy (BTUs), dropping our fuel economy. But ethanol doesn't seem to be going away, despite its negative impact. In fact, more ethanol has been recently added to fuel. But what can you do about it? How do you avoid the almost certain future of a broken down car when you are putting ethanol in your tank? The answer is Xtreme Fuel Treatment. XFT counteracts the affects of ethanol by providing lubrication and rust and corrosion inhibitors. Its unique organo-metallic compound provides better fuel economy, and that is just the beginning. There are 7 key components to XFT making it the most comprehensive fuel treatment available.

15 SECONDS AT THE PUMP = PROTECTION Ethonal is Alcohol. The E10 and E15 on the pumps represent what percentage of Ethanol is in the fuel. Since alcohol is not friendly to your engine, you may be wondering what you can do to protect your vehicles, lawn mowers, boats, trucks, or other engines. Search no more.

20 years of use has shown Xtreme Fuel Treatment helps prevent the negative effects of Ethanol and other poor quality fuels, as well as provide added benefits.


Ethanol attracts water, one of your engines worst enemies. A single drop of water through the fuel line could ruin your engine. XFT contains a demulsifier which separates the water from the fuel, keeping your engine safe. Ethanol is alcohol and is corrosive, eating away at plastic, rubber, or even metal parts. XFT contains a rust and corrosion inhibitor to keep rust and corrosion from eating away at your engine. Ethanol has a drying effect, which creates friction. XFT contains a lubricant, reducing friction. Ethanol treated fuel has a shorter shelf life than other fuels, meaning it has a tendency to separate faster. XFT has a stabilizer that dramatically improves the shelf life of your stored fuel, making it especially valuable for seldom driven vehicles, or seasonal toys like boats and snowmobiles. Ethanol has fewer available BTUs, or less energy that can be used, which gives you poor fuel economy. XFT contains an organo-metalic compound that was so groundbreaking it was awarded a Nobel Prize, that enhances your vehicles ability to use the available fuel, providing improved fuel economy.

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FreezPoint Anti Gel or Winterizing Agent For Diesel Engines

Don't get stuck in the cold! FreezPoint is a state-of-the- art winterizing agent for diesel engines. Help your fuel flow better by lowering the freeze point of your diesel fuel.


IF YOU OWN A DIESEL TRUCK, THEN YOU KNOW HOW POTENTIALLY DEBILITATING COLD WEATHER can be for you. Diesel fuel tends to turn into a gel when the temperature drops. This can make it almost impossible to start your engine and can make it run sluggishly. FreezPoint is a state-of-the-art cold flow improver, that when added to your fuel, allows it to flow more freely at those low winter temperatures. 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 ounces is all you need to treat up to 20 gallons of diesel fuel. That means you can treat over 125 gallons of fuel from one 16 ounce bottle, for much cheaper than many other, less effective brands. It dissolves easily in your fuel even when its already cold. It’s proven effective in petroleum diesel as well as biodiesel. It’s ultra low sulfur compliant and it works great in conjunction with Xtreme Fuel Treatment. Don’t ever get stuck in the cold. Let FreezPoint get you started.

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Price: FreezPoint (1) 16 oz (473 mL) Bottle = $9.75 Freeze Point - 1 Gallon (3800 mL) = $75.00